Gregory Smith

Data Engineer | Tech Enthusiast


I am a passionate problem-solver that strives to improve the efficiency of software, data flows, & development teams.
Software & data systems are ever-changing, complex puzzles that I've dedicated my career to solving. I'm driven by technical challenges and also constantly consider new approaches, improvements, & long-term solutions.

Current Skill Set

Java; Scala; Python; Groovy; Bash; Batch; R

Spark; Hadoop; Kafka; SQL Server; Hive; Postgresql; Oracle;

SVN; Git; Ant; Maven; Gradle; SBT

Linux (Pop!_OS & Ubuntu)

Unique Values

Positive & always willing to help my team

Hunger for growth & knowledge

Mindset towards delivering simple, maintainable, and scalable solutions

Ability to quickly pick up new technologies/languages

Personal Bio

10+ years playing acoustic guitar
5+ years of fingerstyle

Unofficial UI/UX critic

Camping & hiking for digital detoxing

Cat/dog lover

experience & projects

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In progress

Georgia Institute of Technology

Pursuing M.S. in Computer Science
Computing Systems

Pursuing my MS in Computer Science to further expand my knowledge & expertise in algorithms, software architecture/design, parallel computations, & machine learning techniques.

Apr 2019

Western Michigan University

B.S. in Data Science
Minor in Computer Science

Graduate-level Coursework

Machine Learning
Artificial Neural Networks
Parallel Computations
Applied Data Mining
Big Data Analysis
Regression Analysis
Computer Based Data Analysis

Undergraduate-level Coursework

Data & File Structures
Web Technologies
Python Programming
R Programming for Data Science
Big Data Storage & Retrieval

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